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Lace frills, cute bows plus an immaculate white apron – here come Arborea’s graceful chambermaids!
For a fixed time only, until Tuesday, 6th February, you are able to Buy Tera Gold dust off two neat packages with chambermaid dresses and matching special emote. Leave a perfect impression on the go and curtsy elegantly on this elaborately decorated outfit.
Package: Hardworking Chambermaid
Smart Box: Chambermaid’s Dress
Smart Box: Chambermaid’s Curtsy
Chocolate Maid’s Headband
Package: Dyeable Chambermaid
Smart Box: Dyeable Chambermaid’s Dress
Smart Box: Chambermaid’s Curtsy
Cream Maid’s Ruffled Headband
Slip into your Chambermaid's Dress and sweep your enemies aside.
Have fun,
The TERA Team
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