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The only thing we knew about Godsfall, another TERA update, was the production date on PC: April 17. Now, En Masse has revealed all information on this expansion, thats liable to bring some changes to seven with the existing classes from the shape with the new Apex skills.
The Godsfall update introduces a tale quest involving time Tera Gold travel for level 65 characters of seven classes through an item volume of 439 or more, moving back through time to defeat the dragon Khemadia. Along the way players will unlock a fresh Apex active or passive skill, enhancing their abilities. The classes which takes part with this quest include the Berserker, Brawler, Lancer, Warrior, Mystic, Priest and Slayer. In a future update, more TERA classes can get their own Apex skills.
Here are several examples in the new abilities:
? Lancer – Guardian Barrier: Open a moveable defensive wall when in front of your character that reflects melee attacks and pushes nearby Cheap Tera Gold enemies away, while protecting allies.
? Mystic – Arunic Release: Detonate motes a sizable areas before your character, dealing injury to enemies and providing allies inside affected area with healing regeneration.
? Warrior – Blade Frenzy: Briefly disappear in to the shadows, leaving an afterimage to confuse enemies, before emerging in a very raging whirlwind of blades.
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