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About an hour prior to trade deadline, an intrepid member with the SB Nation social team came into your baseball room and asked us for your three biggest names being moved tomorrow. The goal ended up being put the names right into a social graphic. This led into a mini-debate about whether Ian Kinsler was your MLB The Show 18 Stubs third-biggest name or if that honor belonged to Wilson Ramos. The second-biggest name was Brian Dozier, naturally. Even if you extended the parameters to incorporate Manny Machado and all from the other July trades, a list from the three most fun players still might include Dozier, J.A. Happ, or Brad Hand.

The social graphic never got made. The first rule of connecting with all the kids on web 2 . 0 is “Yeah, they probably aren’t planning to care about Brian Dozier.” Not until he’s riding an ostrich inside a funny Instagram video as well. No, it was a deadline full of aluminum foil and Ziploc bags rather than $90 prime ribs — a practical, practical deadline loaded with household items to round out MLB 18 Stubs of the pantry. It would have been a busy deadline, but we discovered that busy isn’t always synonymous with thrilling.

Machado and Chris Archer undoubtedly are a fine duo, but they also can’t tackle Sonny Gray, Justin Verlander, Jose Quintana, Yu Darvish, and J.D. Martinez. Where were the blockbuster trades this deadline? Is this a trend? A blip? My imagination?
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