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Another, less major problem that has emerged is incorporating a quest that demands players to participate inside the limited-time mode Blitz. However, this is not actually sold at this point, as well as Fortnite Skins the quest's listing is described as being a known issue from the the 2.4.0 update patch notes. Epic simply says the mode "will not be current available," adding it's "attempting to remove this from available quests."
Other known issues in Battle Royale using this patch include chests sometimes without having loot, within equip the primary weapon you get, as well as the pause menu being inaccessible when you're downed whilst in Build mode. The known issues for Save the World mode tend to be more extensive; you will see them all here.
The new update adds the minigun weapon to Fortnite Items Battle Royale, as well to be a variety of other, smaller features and fixes. Save the World gets new Expedition types and also the Cozy Campfire item. You are able to see everything the brand new Fortnite update does in your previous coverage. Players may now get freebies by signing in as an apology for that downtime that followed an up to date patch's release.
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