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The kind people at Nexon, the distributors from the side-scrolling MMO MapleStory, asked us if we would like a preview with their upcoming Evangelion crossover campaign. Would we, heck. We love crossovers and that we love games. How cute was Asuka likely to Buy Maplestory M Mesos ? So, furnished with a code and a few flash high-level characters, we tripped to see just the thing NERV had done to Maple World.

First thing to remember: Sachiel is proper there awaiting you if you log in. Be ready to start button-mashing when you land. On the good side, if you're able to corner him, you are able to basically just use him like a punching bag. Once you've done that, you get a ping from Dr. Kim asking if you need to help him that has a series of new quests.

I was still slightly cross in regards to the surprise Angel, but I did turn out saying yes. He asked nicely, in fact.The early stages of one's missions tell you about all the familiar characters, now re-rendered in Maplestory M Mesos . Yes, it's just as cute even as were hoping.Meet up for the Evangelion Silo to check out the Evas, talk with the pilots, and continue daily quests to earn NERV coins. Regular MapleStory players are going to be familiar with your early duties, as well as heading clearing stages of Monster Park (because Asuka doesn't want to) and braving Mu Lung Dojo (because Shinji doesn't want to).

Remember those NERV coins we mentioned? They're beneficial to some really sweet goodies. Power-ups, gear (just like the plug suit and hat within the second screencap), and also the custom titles "NERV Agent" and "AT Field" are around to you should you complete enough quests. You can also get chairs (for non-MapleStory players, those are stylish scenes you may pop out while recovering health insurance and mana). Chill with all the other pilots, or play piano with Kaworu.

The story with the pilots' journey to Maple World... well, you need to play that by yourself. We're not about spoilers. But you need to be at least level 33 to accomplish it. Fortunately, when you're playing and not there yet, you might have time. The campaign runs until March 27.

So, can it be worth it? If you're an Evangelion fan who likes gaming and possesses played zero MapleStory, getting pregnant to level on time might be a slight tight squeeze -- especially considering fulfilling the pilots' requests requires traveling all over Maple World. But should you're already playing, it's actually a great way to collect up some seriously sweet gear to trick your avatar.

And should you haven't touched your money in a while?... it would bring you back. MapleStory x EVANGELION begins today on Western servers.
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