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The MMORPG TERA could be performed on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games since April 3rd. The PS4 EU servers today appear to be offline on April 5th - and poe trade no one knows why.The TERA EU servers on the PlayStation 4 seem to be offline right now. Why this is so, the gamers are puzzling.The scheduled upkeep of the EU servers was completed now and TERA was playable on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

But at roughly 11:00 am our time, the European PlayStation 4 servers were seemingly shut down.In Reddit and at the official TERA forum, most players report being kicked from this game without warning. A number of them are now stuck on the PlayStation 4 from the host choice. Another care is scheduled for this day, but this should only influence the American servers.

The operator of this console version Masse is actually the US publisher of Tera around the PC and had little to do with Europe so far. Maybe that may promote the issues: In the usa, it was still in the middle of the night in the time of the host failure.We are going to stick to the issue and report when more is known about the host failure.You don't have anything to play on the console? On PS4 and XONE, TERA poe trade seemed - a free MMORPG with a ton of content

In the last days we had some great buy poe currency premieres, what could eliminate beautiful Far Cry 5, fabulous Ni No Kuni II or cooperative A Way Out. However, in the event that you temporarily have a hole in your wallet, the alternative may be the free MMORPG TERA, which has only appeared on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Player.
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