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With the 15th anniversary of Digimon Adventure 02 this coming year, Digimon fans are reveling in nostalgia. For those who loved tinkering with Digivices, a substitute version on the D-3 connected with that show can be used: D-3 ver. 15th. Although they appear in two colors — white and blue, modeled after Davis's (Daisuke's), and black, modeled after Ken's — customers can decide six different partner Digimon: Veemon, Wormmon, Patamon, Hawkmon, Gatomon, and Armadillomon.

Despite its close resemblance to your original model, the D-3 may be rebuilt and incorporates lamé. Over 150 different Digimon are included, as well as over 80 is usually raised from eggs. They range from the Digimon Masters Online Tera strongest Digimon, Imperialdramon (Paladin mode) and Armageddemon.

The game map has become revamped to improve reflect the world in the TV series. Seven different settings correspond to your anime's story progression: the Digital World (from Episodes 1 - 21), New York (from Digimon: The Golden Digimentals), the Digital World again (from Episodes 22 - 37), Japan (Episodes 38 and 39), world wide (Episodes 40 - 42), Tokyo (Episodes 43 - 50) and Odaiba (from Digimon: Diaboromon Strikes Back).

The original Digivice also are rebooted for your 15th anniversary, as well as the D-3 is compatible with it, plus the older Digivices (the D-3 series, the Digivice series, the Digimon Pendulum series, along with the Digital Monster series). Connecting the D-3 ver. 15th which has a Digivice ver. 15th will advise you a secret message.

The new D-3 can even come with these exclusive illustrations from the old Digimon series' protagonists.

The D-3 ver. 15th is usually preordered at Premium Bandai for 9,990 yen DMO Tera ($83) and is particularly expected to ship in June.
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