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Rainbow Six Siege's Enormous'Operation Para Bellum' Update Is Live, Here's What's In It

If you just booted up Rainbow Six: Siege and discovered yourself downloading an impressive 4.5 gb, there's a reason for that. The game begins year three, season two now with the Operation Para Bellum update, leaving behind the biohazard stylings of last year in favor of a comparatively luxe Italianate aesthetic colour. Here Is What we're working with:

The largest improvements are the new operators, which Season Pass holders can use today but don't go live for everybody else before June 14.

Alibi: Alibi is a 3-speed guardian wielding an Mx4 Storm submachine gun or an ACS12. Her special ability deploys holograms designed to look like herself as a way to fool the attacker, even going so far as to trigger a false"defender is outside" notice. The holograms do not move, but they're persuasive.

Maestro is a hefty 1-speed defender having an Alda 5.56 light machine gun or ACS12. His special ability is that the evil eye, a fierce-sounding"evil-eye," a remote-controlled bulletproof camera and turret which can fire laser beams at the opponent--it is vulnerable while Information at twitter fires those beams, however.

Ubisoft's description alludes to secret hatches and passageways that create just"the illusion of pay," and it'll be interesting to see how that notion plays out. If nothing else, it is terribly pretty.
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