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Due to community feedback, we have been planning on limiting changes to Gameplay and just making targeted fixes in order to keep the balance and feel with the game consistent each of us continue to gather feedback from players.

Addressed these issues:

The power bar for Set Piece Kicks in an Online Match was sometimes incorrectly planning to 100% once the player had requested less power.
Sometimes, in the event the player requests an everyday (laces) shot, they'll get an inside on the foot shot animation instead.
This inside from the foot shot animation would usually resulted in shot having less power.


We have published a pitch notes Buy FIFA 19 Coins article that covers Traits in FIFA 19, take a look here.

Addressed the next issues:

Some Traits that will no longer had any functionality in gameplay continued to be displaying in the Front End.
Some Traits that did have functionality in gameplay weren't displaying in the Front End.
Added (CPU AI Only) to your names of Traits that have only an effect on players when controlled with the CPU AI.
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