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And the audio is really unfitting for MaplestoryM Mesos an amusement park setting. I actually do not recall if it is just like the older version, but if it's, this would have been a excellent time to update it. You would think there'd be some quite optimistic, cheery tune for a theme park, something similar to Ludibrium next door, however what we have only feels. . .off.

Recent place revamps have been good. Kerning Square was upgraded to Kerning Tower using a sweet little story to it called back to the old version of the dungeon and revealed what those old figures are up to now, Omega Sector came back in a big way with a new story, the recurrence of this M-Forcers, along with a brand-new boss. Fantasy Theme World on the other hand feels like. . .why did they bother?

No new critters, poorer story, no real fanfare to celebrate its"return" after being shut for what felt like a couple of months (does it have a splash screen on the game's most important menu similar to the other revamps did?) It was not a particularly intriguing dungeon at the first place, now it only feels much more bland and watered down. Like, what was the stage?

I think MapleStory is going to buy maplestory mobile mesos be better, we can spend our free time in MapleStory entire world with our friends and teammates in sport, that buy Maplestory M Mesos would be great. By Maple story M Mesos the way, Fantasy Theme World is the best model I have ever observed, hoping for a different surprise at the future!Hi guys, welcome to MMOak, just how do you guys feel about the weapon/magic cancle at MapleStory, do you have the idea:"I do not need to deal with it, therefore there's no issue." ? Not many classes have.
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