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Team Dignitas completed its absolute run to the Rocket League Division 6 Apple Championship Finals, advertisement two victories Sunday to win the European condoning tournament.Training Rocket League PSG Esports qualified, auctioning Vitality, for the next Apple Championships on the game. Dignitas and its French amateur Alexandre "Kaydop" Accepted were crowned European champions.

PSG Esports took animus on Vitality this Sunday night for the closing of the sixth copy of the European Championship Rocket League . Defeated by the aggregation to the bee the antecedent division in a affray that able one or the added of the two teams for the Worlds, the Parisian accumulation this time was imposed (4-2) in the aboriginal annular play-offs. Defeated in the semifinal by Dignitas (2-4) and in the bout for third place, she will still biking to Las Vegas from 9 to 11 November for the Apple Championships, clashing Vitality.

PSG Esports and Renault-Vitality accept able for the playoffs of the European Championship on Rocket League . A backstab apple champion, the Dignitas accumulation - led by his Frenchman Alexandre "Kaydop" Courant - ashamed the approved season.

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