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Today, China Polishing Machine manufacturers come to share what is sandpaper polishing?

It is recommended that you use our automatic polishing machine when there are a large number of workpieces that need to be polished or the products need to be polished during the production process, which can improve your work efficiency.

1. Polishing with sandpaper requires the use of soft sticks or bamboo sticks.
When polishing round or spherical surfaces, it is very good to use the soft rods to cooperate with the curvature of the round and spherical surfaces. The harder wood strips like cherry wood are more suitable for the polishing of flat surfaces. The end of the trimmed strip allows it to conform to the shape of the steel piece, thus preventing the sharp corners of the strip from touching the exterior of the steel to form deeper scratches.

2. When changing to different types of sandpaper, the polishing direction should be changed from 45 ° to 90 °.
The streak shadow left behind by the polishing of the former type of sandpaper can be distinguished. Before changing the different types of sandpaper, it is necessary to carefully scrub the polished surface with a cleaning solution such as 100% pure cotton and alcohol. Because a small gravel remains on the outside, it will destroy all the polishing operations. . This cleaning process is equally important when polishing from sandpaper to diamond polishing. All granules and kerosene must be thoroughly cleaned before polishing continues.

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