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A much better alternative to rare drops. I assume that they'll really just be a system of loot you have seen in a different MMORPG, or perhaps some idea that was special from some indie games rather than your own production. I'm still interested to hear it if you really do have ideas.

You're right, the battle system is OSRS gold not deep. That is unacceptable if your game has 5 stats dedicated to it completely (and most stats indirectly), they should have made it more interesting. They didn't need to add action bars, they might have had, for instance, ability shots.

As for the D&D comparison, I really GM to get a group of 5 individuals. It's in D&D mostly to stop things from devolving to:"I struck it." "No you don't." Etc. It works because you're never fighting other players, so it is fair.

And besides, the party shouldn't be taking on a fight that could get them killed with a few dice rolls. A game shouldn't be doing this, although not to mention that I can fudge dice rolls to buy osrs gold trusted produce things dramatic.

But RNG that widespread has no location in PVP. It is among the reasons why there's such a very low skill ceiling.It is true I never did aggressive PVP, but I did see a lot of PVP on the event that I would loot dead bodies in the wilderness, or the duel arena.
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