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What are the chances, eh? No sooner has academy graduate José Luis Gayà created the left-back position at Valencia his own, but another kid comes through in exactly the same position. Toni Lato is a similarly attack-minded full-back, with 80 for crossing , 82 for stride, 80 for FIFA Mobile Coins equilibrium and 75 for stamina. He is a decent dribbler also, plus his handling's adequate, together with 74 for slipping and 72 for standing. Gayà has the capability to be better, but Lato can nevertheless reach 83 with all the right training.

If you're going to understand how to perform in the middle of defence from anybody, it may also be Sergio Ramos and Rapha?l Varane in Real Madrid -- as well as Jesús Vallejo that actually shows. With an overall rating of 78, the 21-year-old is currently great enough to slot into most teams, together with 81 for falling tackles and 82 for interceptions the standout stats. Determined by the ball, he's got a fantastic range of passing as well, but it's the capability to reach 86 overall that makes him a very sound investment indeed. A price of 14.5m sounds economical considering all of that, but variable in the high wage demands and things do begin to add up, which might limit him to larger teams.

Athletic Bilbao don't appear to fight when it comes to producing exceptionally gifted centre-backs and Unai Nú?ez is just the latest one to draw attention from a number of cheap FIFA Mobile Coins Europe's biggest clubs. The 21-year-old includes all the features that are necessary to excel, while not yet a first-team regular. He has the basics right, with 77 for status tackles, 79 for interceptions and 78 for strength, but with 71 for ball management and 74 for brief departure, Nú?ez does not just resort to hoofing it apparent. He is not too slow as fundamental defenders go.
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