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Of course, people who do manage to beat the battle is going to be rewarded with a few incredibly powerful items. For the rest of us, nevertheless we could appreciate heaps of poe rmt new Fated Unique items which can be discovered through the Prophecy system, which may turn those crap Uniques you've into considerably more interesting endPOE game versions.

The final huge addition in Bestiary is an overhauled Ascendancy system. These distinctive skill trees were initially designed to bring a little bit of unique class identity to personalities however, overtime, have dropped a lot of their impact because of new skills and systems being added with every update. "

So what we've achieved is fixed them by giving a big balance sweep to buff all of them and to bring back course identity by coming up with new ideas for them that match the original theme but done in a way that's exclusive to this ascendancy course," Wilson says.

Berserkers rely on shooting damage to cope more damage in turn, but the abilities provided by their previous tree could easily be achieved using different skills buy poe currency and systems. The new tree, however, uses a special buff called Rage that is developed solely with the Berserker in your mind. But when Berserkers kill enemies, they will gain stacks of Rage that increases their damage, attack speed, and motion rate but also implements a continuous damage-over-time effect that they'll have to offset with health potions or a leech effect. "

We are not reusing Rage anywhere else in the POE game, so it's for the Berserker and the Berserker alone. And, where possible, the 19 other ascendancy courses have other comparable systems that make them feel special that isn't possible everywhere in POE," Wilson says.
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