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Today, the Vibratory Finishing Machine manufacturer will tell you where to measure the motor vibration.

1. Rolling bearing: On the bearing shell, measure the vibration value (contact type) with acceleration or speed sensor, generally measure X-Y-Z three-way, that is, horizontal-vertical-axial three-way;

2. Sliding bearing: The vibration of the shaft relative to the bearing is measured by an eddy current or an inductive sensor above the surface of the shaft near the bearing (non-contact type). Generally, the X-Y direction is measured, and the X-Y direction is spaced 45 degrees apart from each other in the vertical direction.

Since the sliding is a flexible contact, the vibration of the shaft is rarely transmitted to the casing, so the vibration of the casing cannot reflect the actual vibration of the device. Unlike rolling, which is a rigid contact, the actual vibration of the machine can be transmitted almost entirely to the bearing housing.

Some devices also have to measure axial displacement, speed, etc. Depending on the importance of the equipment, the parameters of the monitoring protection are different, and only one direction is measured in order to consider the cost. In summary, vibration measurement is an important parameter for machine monitoring protection.

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