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I can't think of a time I've rocked two phones merely to play a game. My regret is currently taking this long to enter RunScape, however, as they say - .

RuneScape programmer Jagex has declared a mobile version of its MMO will soon be rolling out. This interface for tablets and smartphones is in closed beta however more players will find a chance to experience it because we approach the full launch of the game. Jagex plans to invite those who have an energetic OSRS gold accounts to the beta. Though details will be coming soon an iOS beta or release date has not yet been officially verified.

After testing,Buy Rs gold will input early access with anyone able sign up for a creator's package. Including access to the online RPG in addition to a new emote, a pet, and a brand new armour set.During RuneFest 2019, the team showed off improvements made for this forthcoming version of their flagship MMO. Action hotbars and menus have been scaled and repositioned to help focus without obstructing the player's view to accommodate those using smartphones.

Jagex confirmed that RuneScape for phones will feature play and cross progression with the RuneScape PC client. This means you could switch freely between any device and keep on with your journey.Even if you are a desktop die hard, having RuneScape installed onto a handheld device may nevertheless improve your overall experience.
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