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The actual problem that has to be addressed is increasing the difficulty of reaching endgame status for people that cover, so that random people don't attain 2mil range in the matter of days simply by emptying their pockets and then proceed to put in to a limitless supply of end game MaplestoryM Mesos, a phenomenon I see too often these days.

As mentioned above, I cannot solo Chaos Vellum, so these mesos could be utilised to fund my main character further, as well as my next main.Moreover, for me , making mesos is the essence of this game, because it's the most effective way to receive progress in this game (farming in certain events also functions, but can be tedious and time consuming).

If I am not making mesos or other kinds of buy Maple M Mesos, I honestly feel as if I'm doing nothing. And as mentioned previously, because boss conducts won't satisfy my appetite for mesos, when I had 50k variety, like I was doing, I need to merch.

The main point is that I no longer have hours to perform everyday, and if finish game supervisors made me a decent amount of mesos, I really could quit merching entirely and just login every Thursday to kill the supervisors, and generally enjoy a more pleasurable gaming experience.
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