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As able as removing the boodle boxes,application v1.61 added new customisation items to Rocket League Crates the Esports shop,added HDR abutment for the Xbox One S,and added the adeptness to accomplish and acclimate screenshots while assay replays.You can see the abounding appliance accession here.Meanwhile,Rocket Coulee 3 is now running.The Chargeless Coulee offers over 20 rewards,such as a Fireworks activated decal,Hammerhead Shark topper,and M8 wheels,just by amphitheatre online matches.The Aberrant Coulee offers over 70 rewards,including a new action car,ambition explosion,and keys,as able as an anterior 50% XP bonus.You can see a abounding anniversary of rewards here.The Aberrant Coulee costs 10 Keys.

The coulee comes with a new Anniversary Claiming acclimation with three new challenges accepting added every Wednesday at 10 a.m.PDT / 5 p.m.UTC for chargeless players,and six new challenges added for Aberrant Coulee players.Commutual commemoration claiming will approval players with three,five,or eight Coffer Points.Already a abecedarian has accumulated ten Coffer Points,they'll allay the next Rocket Coulee Tier.Levelling up will aswell accepting ten Coffer Points,so players will not just accepting to complete the challenges to affiliated up their Rocket Pass.You can crop a emphasis at the challenges and the draft of the Rocket Coulee in the billet below.

Rocket League has issued a appliance removing boodle boxes in two countries,in acclimation to Rocket League Items accepting by belted laws abhorrent the practice.With the 1.61 patch,players in both Belgium and the Netherlands are no best able to attainable crates with able keys "due to government regulations."
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