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Following the official release of the OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Fly SP last month, this month will also usher in two pairs of OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1. The attention and popularity will be even better. Although this year's two-color color has been added, the design and materials are exactly the same as those of the previous generation. They are still made of functional mesh, breathable fabric, canvas and leather, and they are rich in layering. Font elements and orange label embellishments, etc. OFF-WHITE iconic design is also preserved. In addition to the regular black and white color matching, the new fluorescent green is more eye-catching, and the vivid color has become a major feature of the new season. The main body of the shoe is decorated in fluorescent green, and the color is extremely bright. The Swoosh Logo is displayed in black, not the blue in the effect picture, and it is more intense than the bright shoes.

In the last month of this year, the Air Jordan 1 has a full year of color matching. One is the Spider-Man version of Chicago, which recently sparked a hot debate, and the other is the final pair of AJ1 sports pictorials this year. After the official map, there is a recent real picture release, let's see what makes it unique. The upper is dressed in black and white, which is more classic than the best rookie of last month. The use of lychee material makes the texture feels soft and comfortable. Swoosh Logo is very innovative in embroidery, with different shades of green stripes, painted in red, inspired by the Bucks jersey on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The overall style is very similar to the classic black and white color scheme, but the unique Swoosh design adds extra points to the personality index, which is sure to be very popular.

First of all, the most interesting thing is that Travis Scott finally played the anti-hook Air Jordan 1 joint new product, not only has the popularity of Air Jordan 1, but also the hook shape in the opposite direction. In the Concord advertisement released a few days ago, in addition to the stars, there is also a sneaker custom-made god, he is the "shoe surgeon" The Shoe Surgeon. Recently, he finally started to Concord, and he took the lead in bringing the customized version of Air Jordan 11 North Pole felt before the official launch. Concord's classic black and white color palette is still preserved, but the iconic black patent leather and white nylon upper are replaced by felt material and look warmer. The surface of the shoe also has a snow-like material and reflective sequins embellished, mimicking the effect of snow on the shoes, bringing a more intense winter atmosphere. The overall style not only continues the Sor Surgeon's consistent luxury style, the snowflake elements make the shoes look more beautiful.
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